The following is a list of some questions that are frequently asked when someone considers purchasing from Dittman-Adams Company

Q: What is your minimum for delivery?

A: We require a minimum order of $500.00 for a scheduled delivery.

Q: What do I need to do before I purchase from the Dittman-Adams Company?

A: Dittman-Adams requires that you complete our credit application and provide proof of all necessary licenses(Vendor/Sales and use tax, Cigarette/Tobacco) before we can begin delivery to your business.

Q: What types of products do you carry?

A: Dittman-Adams offers the widest range of cigarette and other tobacco products, vapor, candy, groceries and sundry items that your business uses every day.

Q: Will you ship products to me?

A: Dittman-Adams will ship products to your business, as long as we do business within that state, and in accordance to all state and local laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

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